Gift Voucher (Umbilical Cord and Placenta – Collection and Burial)


Ease the load for new parents by presenting them with this Gift Voucher! No more hassle of arranging the Umbilical Cord and Placenta to be collected, washed and buried. Convenient and thoughtful, you will definitely be remembered for this gift.

  • Gift Voucher with Redemption Instructions will be sent to you via WhatsApp. You can then forward it to the recipient
  • 1 x Collection of Umbilical Cord & Placenta from hospital or home
  • Buried near Masjid Omar Salmah
  • Parent of newborn will be contacted within the same day or 1 working day after delivery of baby on the arrangement of collection date and time

Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that upon successful payment, the Gift Voucher will be sent to me via WhatsApp within 1 working day.

2. If I request for a refund due to valid reasons, it will take 2 – 3 weeks to process and the amount will be less transaction fees.


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Just before the delivery of your baby, the nurse will ask you to sign many forms. Among the items that you will sign off for is to allow the hospital to keep the placenta and umbilical cord or you would want to do something with it. Usually for us Muslims, we will take it and bury somewhere that is deep enough and is out of animal's reach. At this point its your choice if you would want to leave it with the hospital or bury it.

If you choose the latter, you can find a location and bury the placenta and umbilical cord on your own. Or if you don't have the time and do not want to get your hands dirty doing the digging, you can opt for this service.

We offer the following service:

  1. Collect the placenta from the hospital or your home
  2. Cleansing of the placenta and umbilical cord
  3. Sending and commission the grave diggers to dig and bury the placenta for you at the Pusara Aman area

Kindly take note the following for preparation for placenta collection:

  • The placenta should be kept in a refrigerator while waiting to be collected.
  • If placenta is more than a day old, it should be kept in the freezer and transferred over to refrigerator when nearing to collection time.

What should I do with the small part of the remains of the umbilical cord attached to the baby’s belly button once it has fall off?

The remains of the Umbilical Cord will dry and eventually fall off the newborn around one week after birth.

It is a Sunnah to bury it in the ground as it is a part of the human body, out of reach from people or animals.

It doesn’t have to wrapped. Simply dig a small hole in the soil ground using a metal spoon, put it in, then fill back the hole with soil.

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