Gift Voucher (Aqiqah Indonesia Super – 1 Sheep)


Ease the load for new parents by presenting them with this Gift Voucher! No more troubles of finding a service provider for Aqiqah. Convenient and thoughtful, you will definitely be remembered for this gift.

  • Gift Voucher with Redemption Instructions will be sent to you via WhatsApp. You can then forward it to the recipient
  • Aqiqah meat able to feed up to 30 people
  • Inclusive of cooking and distribution of cooked Aqiqah meat to the poor, needy or to orphans in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Inclusive of Wakaf 1 copy Al Quran Al Karim to Quranic schools / boarding schools (Pondok Pesantren) / orphanages with Tahfiz (Quran memorisation) programme

Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that upon successful payment, the Gift Voucher will be sent to me via WhatsApp within 1 working day.

2. If I request for a refund due to valid reasons, it will take 2 – 3 weeks to process and the amount will be less transaction fees.


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Aqiqah Services
We can schedule the Aqiqah on the 7th, 14th or 21st day after the birth of your baby.

Sahih Bukhari Book 66. Sacrifice on the Occasion of a Birth (Aqiqah), Narrated By Salman bin ‘Amir Ad-Dabbi I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘Aqiqah is to be offered for a (newly born) boy, so slaughter (an animal) for him, and relieve him of his suffering.”

(Note: It has been quoted in Fateh-al-Bari that the majority of the Religious Scholars agrees to the Hadith narrated in Sahih At-Tirmidhi that the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) was asked about Aqiqah and he ordered 2 sheep for a boy and one sheep for a girl and that is his tradition “Sunnah”.)

Benefits of Aqiqah
One is the announcing the birth of the baby. Being bestowed a child is a great blessing from the Creator.
Another purpose is inviting family members, neighbours, and friends to celebrate the blessed occasion.
Opportunity to feed the poor in the celebration by offering them food and meat served on this occasion.
Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, states: “Among the benefits of Aqiqah are:

It is a sacrifice by means of which the child is brought close to Allah soon after he comes into this world.
It is a ransom for the newborn so that he or she can intercede for his parents.
It is a sacrifice by which the newborn is ransomed just as Allah ransomed Prophet Ismail 'alaihis Salam with the ram.
When should Aqiqah be performed?
It is recommended to perform Aqiqah within the first week (and ideally on the seventh day) if not possible, then in the fourteenth, if not, in the twenty first, if not, then at anytime. In addition, it is the recommended Sunnah for parents to give Sadaqah of equal value to the weight in gold of their baby’s hair (when it is shaved on the seventh day after birth).

Conditions of the Animals in AQIQAH
The condition of the animals in Aqiqah is the same as the conditions for the animals in Qurbani. The animals to be slaughtered must be goats, cows or camels. For camels, it must be older than 6 years, for cows the age must be older than 3 years and for goats, it must be older than 2 years. They must be free from any form of handicap such as being blind, sick, limp or undernourished. The animals must be slaughtered in the appropriate humane ways.

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