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Aqiqah or Qurban First?

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Both practises, the Aqiqah and Qurban are not compulsory as it falls under Sunnah Muaqaddah. It is not obligatory but strongly encouraged. Meaning if you performed it, it is good and may Allah swt reward you in this life and the next and it also come with many benefits too. If you don’t do it, there are no sins nor rewards.

Back to this question.

Aqiqah or Qurban first?

Last year while we were taking orders for Qurban, we had many questions regards to this.


“My son is 26 years old. I have not done Aqiqah for him. Can I do Qurban for him this year.”


“I am 30 years old. My parents were very poor in the past and was not able to do Aqiqah for me and I saw your Advert for Qurban and Aqiqah, which one should I do first. I would like to do it for myself.”

The answer:

Aqiqah is only done once in a person’s lifetime. If you have not done this, perform the Aqiqah first before you perform Qurban. Qurban can be done every year after that. Yes Qurban can be done more than once in a lifetime. Qurban is only done during the Hajj period.

So to answer the first question.. “My Son is 26 years old…”
– Aqiqah for him this year and perform the Qurban the following year.

As agreed by many scholars, Aqiqah can also be done when you are an adult.

If you have the intention of performing Qurban for everyone in the family this year but you realised that one of your child has not done Aqiqah yet. You can do the Aqiqah now as you do not need to wait for the Hajj season to do so. Aqiqah can be done everyday.

We hope the answer is beneficial to you.

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