Slaughtering will be temporarily paused between 26 June to 9 July due to Qurban operations. ๐Ÿ

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/11/22 Muhammad Fayyadh Bin Muhammad Fazlie Banyuwangi
2/11/22 Rafael Watson Toh Gwong Sheng Semarang
2/11/22 Sara Binte Abdul Muhaimin Kenya
2/11/22 Athia Kamelia Binte Muhammad Shah Rezzuan Banyuwangi
2/11/22 Adawiya Binte Tan Mohammad Raffi Banyuwangi
3/11/22 Zuhayra Binte Shafeequr Rahmaan Kenya
3/11/22 Aisha Kenya
3/11/22 Adam Bin Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Kenya
3/11/22 Faiha Auni Binti Muhammad Fauzi Kenya
4/11/22 Ziya Khalysa Binte Khairul Anwar Banyuwangi
5/11/22 Maryam Bint Sharil Iswan Kenya
5/11/22 Sarah Lubnaa Binte Ahmad โ€˜Asqalani Kenya
6/11/22 Muhammad Irfan Bin Muhammad Izzuddin Semarang
8/11/22 Mishary Eman Bin Noor Hafiz Kenya
9/11/22 Bilal Abdullah Bin Muhammad Nabil Semarang
9/11/22 Uwais Abdillah Bin Muhammad Nabil Semarang
9/11/22 Muhammad Taha Bin Muhammad Fadhlullah Kenya
10/11/22 Djimash Lee Kah Lok Bin Djasli Banyuwangi
11/11/22 Aishah Binte Iskandar Dzulqarnain Kenya
14/11/22 Iman Sufya Binte Muhammad Syarifuddin Banyuwangi
14/11/22 Nur Atiqa Auni Binte Muhammad Rizuwan Banyuwangi
15/11/22 Samia Khan Binte Mastan Khan Semarang
15/11/22 Melissa Binte Muhammad Azmil Banyuwangi
16/11/22 Sahara Binte Muhammad Imran Semarang
16/11/22 Maya Raysha Binti Muhammad Rafiq Semarang
17/11/22 Emma Dania Binte Muhammad Hazman Semarang
17/11/22 Nur Elia Rose Bte Herwan Kenya
17/11/22 Laisha Daalia Binte Eidzwan Eizaiful Banyuwangi
18/11/22 Aisha Medina Binte Mohammad Nazrul Khairi Semarang
20/11/22 Musa Bin Sani Banyuwangi
21/11/22 Sara Eiliyah Binte Mas Saddam Hussein Banyuwangi
22/11/22 Aliana Humaira Binte Faizul Helmi Semarang
23/11/22 Embun Ellora Binte Ahmad Yani Semarang
23/11/22 Leila Inara Binte Shahran Firdaouz Kenya
26/11/22 Eiliyah Binte Izaidi Semarang
27/11/22 Maryam Binte Muhammad Faiz Kenya
27/11/22 Nur Sumayyah Binte Mohamed Suhaimi Banyuwangi
28/11/22 Noah Ilyasa Bin Muhammad Syukri Kenya
28/11/22 Muaz Muqaazi Bin Mohamad Amirrudin Kenya
29/11/22 Miqayla Syifa Binte Mohamed Ridzuan Kenya
29/11/22 Hanz Amman Mahindra Banyuwangi
30/11/22 Harith Ammar Bin Muhammad Hafiz Kenya
30/11/22 Noah Sayf Bin Ahmad Nufayl Banyuwangi
30/11/22 Damia Haifa Binte Fadil Banyuwangi