AqiqahSG Romper Winner: February 2021

Assalamu’alaikum and Greetings from Aqiqah.SG! May the one who is reading this post is in a best state of health. 


For all the mummy-to-be, you probably need to hear this, “You are doing great. Hang in there. A great reward awaits you.” 

The first trimester, you probably will feel miserable due to the headaches, the vomiting, the aching body, the fatigue. Yes, it is exhausting but these are all signs that baby is growing. You are not weak for crying, you are not being a bad mother of feeling how you are feeling. You are still new to do this. I will pass, and the wonderful journey of becoming a mother has yet to come.

The second trimester, you are probably feeling better since all the morning sickness and aching body has stopped. This stage is when you will get to know your child’s gender. Isn’t that exciting !? Boy or Girl. No doubt everyone’s answer will be, “As long as the baby is healthy.” But deep down inside, you will have that little feeling of hope for it to be either a boy or a girl. 

And the big drumroll before being able to see, hold and nurture your child. How your heart beats fast. The anxiousness, the excitement, the scare of having to go through labour. No matter how may times you have gone through, the feelings you had with your first child’s labour will still be there. 

It doesn’t stop just there. The fight during labour, the sleepless nights, having to go through confinement; it is all for the baby. Others would give comments like, “Why would you want to trouble yourself to go through confinement? It’s just an old tradition.” No, it is not. What you do within the 1-2 months after labour, will affect your body in a long run. It will affect your health, what you consume will affect the milk content you provide your child. A mother’s sacrifice does not start the day you were born, it starts even before your soul was blown into your developing body in your mother’s womb. 


So let us stop what we are doing and give our mother / wife a call, if she is within reach, give her a long overdue hug. Let her know that you appreciate her greatly.  If you live with an exhausted mother, give her the helping hand, let her pour her emotions out. Tell her she is doing a great job. She probably needs it.

Scroll through the photos below …

Yes, they are adorable. They bring light and smile into your day. But they are also heavy. It is a big responsibility to take care of them. It is not easy but it will be worth it, in shaa Allah.

And now, this month’s AqiqahSG Romper Challenge’s winner is …

Congratulations Baby Yusuf !!


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