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Aqiqah Carried Out In April 2018 ๐Ÿ


Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/4/18 Hanif Syukri Bin Muhammad Nabil Syukri Semarang
2/4/18 Nayla Insyirah Semarang
3/4/18 Yasmin Iman Bte Mohamad Bur Adha Semarang
3/4/18 Muhammed Arfan Muaz Semarang
3/4/18 Sofia Inara Binte Suhaimi Semarang
3/4/18 Sara Falisya Binte Mohamad Nurhisham Semarang
4/4/18 Nor Adham Bazil Bin Norhafiz Semarang
5/4/18 Keyrah Mikayla Binte Muhammad Kamalruzzaman Semarang
5/4/18 Keysha Mikayla Binte Muhammad Kamalruzzaman Semarang
5/4/18 Nayla Zahra Binte Muhammad Aiman Semarang
5/4/18 Md Izzul Firas Semarang
5/4/18 Soffiya Asyura Binte Saiful Muhammad Affis Bangladesh
6/4/18 Aryana Quraisya Binte Sufian Semarang
6/4/18 Nur Qistina Alya Binte Mohamad Norman Solo
6/4/18 Muhammad Faqih Bin Sufyan Badawi Solo
7/4/18 Nur Qistina Binte Hafiz Firdaus Semarang
7/4/18 Zahra Ilyana Binte Luqman Hakim Semarang
7/4/18 Halwa Shafiyyah Bte Mohd Hamirul Hasraff Semarang
10/4/18 Mohammad Anaqi Nuwair Semarang
10/4/18 Nur Ariana Adelia Bte Muhammad Yusof Semarang
10/4/18 Adam Danish Bin Muhammad Zharfan Semarang
11/4/18 Aimy Mikayla Binte Mohamad Rizal Semarang
12/4/18 Nur Aisyah Adawiyah Binte Mohammad Salleh Semarang
12/4/18 Muhammad Aiman Hakim Bin Muhammad Farhan Hilmi Semarang
12/4/18 Muhammad Aiman Hakim Bin Muhammad Farhan Hilmi Solo
13/4/18 Aufa Shazia Binte Mohamad Salim Semarang
13/4/18 Afshar Hamzah Bin Ashar Solo
14/4/18 Abbas Isa Semarang
14/4/18 Nur Shaista Binte Ashar Bangladesh
14/4/18 Adam Nawfal Aryan Saifullah Bangladesh
14/4/18 Nur Insha Binte Muhammad Zulhilmi Bangladesh
16/4/18 Sara Noor Al-Haya Binte Muhammad Farhan Semarang
16/4/18 Hayyan Mateen Bin Muhammad Hanis Semarang
16/4/18 Qabeel Qayyum Bin Rahman Semarang
16/4/18 Nur Syuhaidah Binte Muhammad Syahid Semarang
17/4/18 Lana Mikayla Binte Mohamed Sufian Semarang
17/4/18 Aayden Naufal Bin Mohammad Nor Adzharrudin Semarang
17/4/18 Muaz Adha Bin Musa Semarang
17/4/18 Nael Eysa Bin Mohamed Murdani Semarang
17/4/18 Nur Zahra MiQaila Binte Mohamad Fazlin Semarang
17/4/18 Muqrin Bin Muhammad Nur Aliff Semarang
18/4/18 Muhammad Ikram Bin Abdul Munir Semarang
18/4/18 Muhammad Ikhsan Bin Abdul Munir Semarang
18/4/18 Fahryana Insyirah Bte Mohd Faizal Semarang
18/4/18 Nur Elena Binti Muhammad Hidayat Semarang
19/4/18 Shiraz Adam Bin Shamsul Nahar Semarang
19/4/18 Zea Irdina Binte Saifuddin Semarang
20/4/18 Lana Aleesha Bte Mohammad Azri Semarang
21/4/18 Ikram Bin Izhar Semarang
23/4/18 Atiya Amani binte Muhammad Nor Azmi Semarang
23/4/18 Elba Tashreeq Bin Muhammad Fareed Semarang
23/4/18 Ousman Bin Maizan Semarang
24/4/18 Asmah Bte Anan Semarang
24/4/18 Nur Sofiyyah Binti Firdaus Semarang
24/4/18 Qasira Altthea Binte Qamarul Khiar Semarang
25/4/18 Muhammad Uzayr Bin Muhammad Khairudin Semarang
25/4/18 Azzahra Safiyya Binte Mohammad Shazwan Semarang
26/4/18 Suhana Bte Affendi Semarang
26/4/18 Umar Luthfi Bin Muhamamad Nuqman Semarang
26/4/18 Daniel Aarif Bin Muhammad Syamin Semarang
26/4/18 Aisyah Aiman Bte Mazimran Yusoff Solo
27/4/18 Aalee Mateen Bin Mohamed Rafie Semarang
28/4/18 Jazilaa D/O Mohammed Hussain Deen Semarang
28/4/18 Anna Nur Alessa Binte Mohamed Ressal Semarang
28/4/18 Sharifah Amany Az-Zahra Binte Syed Muhammad Alidros Solo
29/4/18 Muhammad Rayhan Ardhani Bin Muhammad Azhar Semarang
29/4/18 Muhammad Aydin Aโ€™shaary Bin Hazrin Semarang
29/4/18 Nur Kalilah Atifah Binte Muhammad Zaini Magetan
29/4/18 Emilia Raisa Binte Muhammad Aiman Magetan
30/4/18 Wan Nor Muhammad Bin Wan Remy Semarang
30/4/18 Muhammad Ahnaf Bin Muhammad Firdaus Semarang


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