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Aqiqah Carried Out In March 2015 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/3/15 Sufya Eilisha Binte Muhammad Faisal Semarang
1/3/15 Noorul Inaayah binte Abu Salih Semarang
1/3/15 Orked Binte Abdul Malik Semarang
1/3/15 Arshan Shadan Semarang
3/3/15 Dhiya Alwani Binte Mohammad Farihin Semarang
4/3/15 Maryam Binte Muhammad Sofian Semarang
5/3/15 Muhammad Adam Bin Muhammad Faizal Semarang
6/3/15 Nur Yuria Binte Jasmani Semarang
7/3/15 Rayn Seif Shaquille Bin Mohamad Sairul Semarang
12/3/15 Mohamed Adam Luqman Bin Mohamed Fadhilad Semarang
12/3/15 Nur Azwa Safrina Binte Mohammad Noor Ridzman Semarang
12/3/15 Rabi’atul Adawiyah Binte Mohamad Riduan Semarang
12/3/15 Hana Zafirah Binte Muhammad Fadleen Semarang
12/3/15 Hanisah Zafrah Binte Muhammad Fadleen Semarang
14/3/15 Auni Saffiyah Binte Muhamad Hafiz Semarang
14/3/15 Shamikha Eshal Binte Shahul Hameed Semarang
14/3/15 Shariqah Eshal Binte Shahul Hameed Semarang
14/3/15 Ulfa Ufaira Binte Muhammad Syamil Semarang
18/3/15 Muhammad Aaron Zufar Bin Muhammad Fadli Semarang
18/3/15 Nur Sofiyyah An-Nuha Binte Muhammad Hadid Semarang
19/3/15 Nur Qisya Khayla Binte Osman Semarang
19/3/15 Ayra Arianna Binte Khairul Nizam Semarang
20/3/15 Muhammad Khalish Ayman Bin Mohamed Kamal Semarang
20/3/15 Zara Emelyn Binte Muhammad Ishak Semarang
21/3/15 Adel Rayyan Bin Mohamed Haizad Semarang
21/3/15 Adawiyah Binte Zainul Arifin Semarang
22/3/15 Nur Raiqah Binte Mohamed Fairuz Semarang
22/3/15 Matin Eman Bin Noor Hafiz Semarang
22/3/15 Isyfa’ Mishaary Bin Muhammad Nuzaihan Semarang
24/3/15 Raif Ammar Bin Md Faridz Semarang
24/3/15 Dhia Areeqa Binte Muhammad Semarang
24/3/15 Muhammad Umar Shah Bin Muhammad Shah Rizal Semarang
25/3/15 Salsabila Binte Suheiri Semarang
31/3/15 Muhammad Eshan Dorai Bin Muhammad Siddique Semarang
31/3/15 Athir Ikram bin Md Abd Halim Semarang


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