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Aqiqah Carried Out In December 2020 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/12/20 Mashaal Helal Bin Muhammad Hafiz Semarang
1/12/20 Elisha Azzahra binte Aizuddin Semarang
2/12/20 Shazani Razin Bin Shazani Danial Solo
3/12/20 Nur Syafiyah Binte Muhammad Syahid Semarang
4/12/20 Muhammad Hafiy bin Muhammad Hafiz Semarang
4/12/20 Muhammad Adam Mikhail Bin Muhammad Khoiri Semarang
5/12/20 Ayra Amelia Binte Muhammad Faizal Semarang
6/12/20 Sofiah Bint Sharil Iswan Semarang
6/12/20 Mateen Bin Muhammad Solo
7/12/20 Muadz Bin Mohamed Fahmi Solo
8/12/20 Helen binti Yazid Semarang
14/12/20 Nur Sabrina Izzati Binte Mohamed Zamanie Semarang
16/12/20 Illiyyah Naseerah Binte Nazli Semarang
19/12/20 Muhammad Zayd Hakim Bin Muhammad Zaki Semarang
19/12/20 Ilhan Ufayr Bin Muhammad Asraf Semarang
19/12/20 Ifrah Uhayra Binte Muhammad Asraf Semarang
23/12/20 Az-Zahra Binte Muhammad Al-Fateh Semarang
25/12/20 Khalijah Bte Mohammad (Sadaqa) Semarang
28/12/20 Mohammed Nadim Bin Mohammed Iskandar Solo
29/12/20 Ayden Noah Bin Mohamed Alfian Solo
29/12/20 Muhammad Syahrizky Bin Syazwan Solo
31/12/20 Aleeya Binte Syahril Semarang


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