Q) When can I register for the services?

A) It is best to register after the birth of your child. This is so that you can provide the name, date and time birth during registration. However, if you wish to register before the birth, you can still do so. Simply leave out those details and email us at as soon as you have the details.

Q) When I was born, my parents could not perform aqiqah for me as we were poor back then, but now I would like to perform aqiqah for myself.

A) According to Mazhab Hambali, a person can perform the aqiqah himself as something that is permissible and not something that is mandatory. Even so the shariah law regarding aqiqah is an act of worship that is strongly encouraged and not mandatory. Since your parents could not afford the payment for aqiqah when you were young it is allowable for the child to do so as an adult according to Imam Hambali.

Q) I am a convert and my parents are still non Muslims. Can I do Aqiqah for myself?

A) Yes you can. Similarly best to inform and explain to your parents if they are still alive about your intentions and the benefits of aqiqah to your parents and request for their blessings.

Q) Can the sacrifice of one animal be used for the aqiqah of two children?

A) According to the accepted hadiths regarding the number or portion of animals to be sacrificed for aqiqah, the best practice is the sacrifice of two lambs for a son and one for a daughter. It is also acceptable to sacrifice one lamb for a son. There is no hadith that allows the sacrifice of one lamb for two children. In view of financial constraints, the aqiqah can be staggered and need not be performed at the same time.

Q) Is the sacrifice of one lamb accepted for the aqiqah of a son?

A) The sacrifice of two lambs is the better option for the aqiqah of a son. However. the sacrifice of one lamb is sufficient as Rasullulah SAW himself performed the sacrifice of one lamb each for his grandsons. It is narrated in a hadith, “Rasullulah SAW sacrificed one lamb each for Hassan and Hussain for their aqiqah.” Hadith narrated by Abu Daud.

Q) Is it permissible to perform the aqiqah on behalf of parents who have passed away?

A) The concept of aqiqah is as a form of almsgiving with the hope that one’s deed is accepted and to gain reward from Allah SWT. Similar to other good deeds that is done with the hope of benefitting the deceased and that you are certain that your parents have not performed the aqiqah, then proceed with the hope of gaining reward from Allah SWT. If your parents have expressed in their will that the children perform the aqiqah on their behalf, then it is mandatory to do so.

Q) Can the aqiqah be performed at other places or abroad?

A) According to the opinion of Sayid AlBakri in his book I’anatut Tolibin, it is legitimate to delegate the buying and performing the sacrifice of the qurban and aqiqah to another party even if it is done abroad.