Aqiqah for your Child in Australia in December 2017 and have the meat delivered to your home and charity organisations or mosques.

We will do the slaughtering, skinning and butchering of the animal in a halal approved abbatoir in Western, Australia. The process will be inspected by our representative in WA. The cut meat will be flown to Singapore. We will further butcher the meat into portions that are ready to be delivered to your doorstep or distributed to the Free Food For All charity.

The cost of this package are inclusive of the delivery charges.

Closing date: 10 December 2017
Slaughter date: 12 December 2017
Meat to arrive in Singapore: 14 December 2017
Delivery of meat to homes & charity: 15-16 December 2017
Live weight : 45 to 50 kgs per sheep
Weight of meat flown back to Singapore : 18kgs (average)
Price per sheep: $350


We also welcome those whom have intentions to perform Nazar. Nazar is a promise to Allah swt that you will do so and so when you achieve your objectives. Example. You have made this promise that you will sacrifice a goat upon receiving a promotion at your workplace. Hence this must be done as soon as possible when the objectives are achieved. This becomes Wajib upon the person who made this promise.

Price of sheep: $350

The conditions of Nazar is that the meat will be cooked and fed to the poor people. Therefore, none of the meat will be sent to your home. It will be donated to charity organisations or mosques


This package is for those who wish to sponsor meat to be cooked and fed to the needy in Singapore. You may also wish to sponsor by the kilo. We will collate the amount towards the end and purchase the sheep based on the amount collcted. The beneficiary for this sponsorship will be the Free Food For All charity, a registered charity in Singapore (Charity UEN No : 201503391Z).

Sponsor of 1kg of meat: $25
Sponsor of 5kg of meat: $120
Sponsor of 10kg of meat: $230
Sponsor 1 sheep (18kg of meat): $350
Sponsor 5 sheeps (90kg of meat): $1680
Sponsor 10 sheeps (180kg of meat): $3180

Prices are inclusive of the logistics cost to send the meat to the Free Food For All charity.


* Certificates will be provided to Aqiqah/Nazar/Sponsor participants by end January 2018 insha Allah.
* In the event of flight delays due to bad weather, etc, participants will be informed of delivery date changes.
* For Aqiqah, you may choose to donate the meat or a portion of it to charity or mosque.
* For Nazar, all of the meat will be donated to charity or mosque.
* No refunds once committed.


Enquiries & Orders for Aqiqah (Australia) December 2017

To order, register online by filling in the form below or
call/WhatsApp/SMS 9828 0447(Khai).

Payment options:

Option 1: Payment by Cheque. Details will be sent to you via email once registration has been made below.

Option 2: Bank Transfer. Details will be sent to you via email once registration has been made below.

Option 3: (Walk-in Payment/Others). You can make arrangement with our staff @ 9828 0447 (Khai) / 6871 8744 (Ros) to make payment at our office:

71 Ubi Road 1
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Payment can be made by cash/NETS/debit or credit card.

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